[ode to analemma]

I could not turn from her;

I fixed myself on the line between my reality and her light.

It was comforting to be loved

And to watch Love bend with light;

Ascend with grace; give life its shape –

Beautiful Analemma.



6 responses to “[ode to analemma]

  1. breathtaking, it stopped time for me, thank you, what a gift
    ‘watch Love bend with light’ the capital L is beautiful there
    for some reason it stands out to me

  2. Yes, that is beautifully beautiful. I had to look Analemma up and when I saw what it was the poem had a new depth, the thought contained turns almost in figure eight in the poem. Perfect.

  3. ‘And to watch Love bend with light’.

    That was my favourite line of your poem. It was short and ephemeral, like the dying rays of the evening sun. many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

    • I love the word and all that it means. I think it would be a beautiful girls name

    • Love really is a figure eighting dance of sorts isn’t it? like light coming in from a tangle of trees…there are all these shadows and bends and imperfections and yet it is also so very beautiful and compassionate and in and of itself, Love is rather captivating to the eye

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