good morning stretch


Hands in clasp, I swooped forward; bending in with mellow breath.

Easing up,

I urged my body to let go.

My back opened;

I sought the strength of my center as I unpacked the heaviness from my posture.

Things cracked as they will. Aches echoed, chills seized even as I unassembled the depression.

But unbelting every sandbag of what weighs over me, undid much of the pain I’d forgotten. And so this lift of my hands meant much more than a new day.

I stood up to welcome a life which would only carry as much as it could. Any and all else hanging from limbs remained for the sake of my deepest desires.


One response to “good morning stretch

  1. this would be fitting inside a yoga studio brochure 😉 or in my bedroom..

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