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it occurred to me as it had not before (as summer morning wrestled with spring’s night, my mind delighted in the swirling tastes of meaning, existence, self-reliance and other misunderstandings),

the breath of life, beyond the first, testifies to will.

(like taking off a set of training wheels, pushing off on one’s own for the first time. like testing the waters, the strength in ones wings, we  are given nothing more than a head start).

it appeals to me how the nerves expand and learn to thrive on curiousity and confidence. i adore how we cultivate, adding more to our spectrum by the life we find around us. in fact, diversity must be the greatest fertilizer.

it occurred to me, sensationally (the daring of fresh perspective), in one  life we are both living and dying:

the first breath and the last, manifest in the hands of God

but the air between them hang in the balance of will.

Beside  the occassional stirring of immortal fingers and the mysterious eyes of storms and of course,  disease and physiology; largely, to accept life is optional.


10 responses to “breath

  1. I am so Thrilled that you left a comment on my Blog, but not so much for the comment itself as for the Beaty of your Words…

  2. Okay so I was so excited, I misspelled BEAUTY!!!!!!!! 😛

  3. Thought provoking. I love this “diversity must be the greatest fertilizer”.

    • Good to hear from you Cocoyea. Glad you are still working at your blog. Diversity is truly a reflection of the depth of a community and one’s life

  4. I loved this. The language and rhythm were wonderful.

  5. Very nice; I enjoyed it. Heartspell

  6. beautiful flow!

  7. thank you everyone, thank you

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