Flat Top in Anchorage


slow and puffy-eyed sunrise;

i feel the dance of the day.

rise and shine but cloud and glow;

the temperature tepid;

wide-side alaskan eyes timid.

its only inside the colors appear vivid,

and the melody plays as soft as the sky

emits light

to my day, good morning~


4 responses to “[puffy]

  1. Good morning. What a beautiful waking poem that is, gradually radiates light.

  2. this is beautiful, soothing and peaceful.
    loved the feeling it created deep within.
    love and peace.

  3. my sister marathoned it the siummer i visited,i didn’t go–not a marathoner; she died the next winter on a mountaintop. i live in the mid-eastern cornfields, and wondered why. i used to know, but it’s easier to forget and not remember the mountains and the ocean beyond i used to tell myself there were mountains beyond the tall oaks and sweet gum trees, but every now and then i remember the mountains and the feeling of being the only one in the world in the woods.

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