[the struggle]


Same hand touches same side thigh;

Every turn in the night a void

But black in the dark has a light –

The depth in the day is faith.

Big toe pencils over new toes;

Discovers strangeness in the night

But to fill a void, the sheets

Shared; if only for right now.

Same hand touches same side eye;

Wipes the water from the light,

Strength comes from within

And depth carries into the night. ~

Loneliness is a thing of struggle.  Remarkably content in the solitude:  the liberty and introspect it seeds.   However, loneliness can also be remarkably devastating in the nothingness; a lack of any hint of something organic, genuine.  Loneliness has a way of making one ever doubtful or ever in denial; and as said, constantly struggling

(Side Note:  As many of you already know, WP does not allow you to force line breaks.  Therefore, imagine stanzas in the poem, as they would typically be). 


6 responses to “[the struggle]

  1. but yes it does.

    you can put some dots and colour them the way of your background
    or write in the HTML mode that will do…then you can also write in single spacing if you desire

  2. thanks Dhyan. Yes, I’ve tried borth html using the code for breaks but haven’t had success. When I googled it, apparently many others have had this problem. i like the dot idea. i’ll have to try that.

    • well, i am not sure what do you mean by line breaks any more… but if you want a longer space between words on the same line i guess the dots story will work fine. just need to find the right colour.
      i am one of those who got lost with the html codes before. gave up on that. too much works. i think it is only for computer blogs 🙂

  3. yes indeed…and make u long for just that simple profound touch of another…

  4. I’ve been reading this book called When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times. And it talks about our fear of solitude and loneliness may lead to not making the wisest of decisions. It says that we should sit with loneliness and see it as a friend. I find this to be a huge challenge, a struggle. You have expressed this struggle wonderfully.

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