[come strange to me]


come strange to me, these were shades of life turning in my window without me there.

i’ve come fretful of the shadows on the wall, not the hope once drawing circles in the dark,

fading in upon dreams i’d swear to embark;

i’d swear don’t swear –

these dreams are never quite whats there,

but come strange to me, and whisper in the shades, a peaceful air. ~


5 responses to “[come strange to me]

  1. these dreams are never quite whats there-
    so very true. dreams are half reality half imagination.

  2. bear grylls

    “When you encounter certain things in the world, the evidence for certain things, you realize that you have come upon something that you may not very well be equal to… When you’ve said that it’s real and not just in your head, I’m not all that sure what it is you have said.”

    A dream is a gift.. physically exhausting… im certain (as a half truth).. but a pirouette, I am told: is in fact dancing…. ballet nonetheless! I would keep dancing.. your dream is yet half-way begun not even written but as a language you are that of a ballet dancer.. as the above stated keep dancing….. in 10 years time you will be greatness.. i believe you promised..

  3. Mrs. Lovely Ott…

    Coming strange to you (and all) is the only way I can manage. 🙂 Being so strange myself.

    But enough of that.

    I just LOVE your poetry, your spirit and your river’s flow of thought and emotion.


  4. awesome writing!

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