this is about meeting my father, and then saying goodbye…its called [farewell]:

theres the why,
and then theres beneath it –
the pit, a stone
to wrought in my inside,
as i conjure up goodbye.
and to watch you turn your eye;
a sullen whale over a wave –
dismiss the love in the way
i tried to wave goodbye.

theres the how,
and then theres beyond it –
the question, a mark…
really not understood, but i vowed
to save myself, i’m saved til now
and then when i cry like now;
your child lost while you’re away,
looks for you at night and day,
presses hands hard as she prays.

theres the when,
and then theres behind it –
the dream, a door
closed to the yesterday
i knew, but you were hurt;
couldn’t help for well its worth,


4 responses to “[farewell]

  1. OH. MY!!!!!!! Sarah this is beautiful, heartfelt, genuine, soft yet strong, deep, childlike yet well written.

  2. thank you friend… you're the best.

  3. I'm sorry you had such a short time with your father. That must really be hard to go through.Peace to you.xo

  4. Thanks Jannie… its all relative… God puts us through these strange and mysterious moments in time.. it was a scary time in my life for sure… but what I've taken from that short time was a greater understanding…priceless in its own right ya know? I thank God I'm alive and I think of my father often. thanks for reading… happy advent!

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