ironing out the inevitable,

the heaviness of metals, like led,

(i can still hear)

sleek chilled water
washes over black coal in the night;

it ebbs, and lets
in the light.

improving the aperture,

the dilution of ink as it bled.

(can’t be far now; so i try my joints:)

i can still feel.~


3 responses to “[gravity]

  1. Very Powerful…Especially when read aloud.You truly capture Feeling…BTW, I Love your Description:" i am in love with the magic & irony of life. "Thank you for sharing, stopping by my humble rantings and commenting πŸ˜€

  2. thanks pew. i love visiting your peaceful little world. thanks for browsing mine. πŸ™‚

  3. hi sarah… good to see yr blog… hope all is going well… after reading gravity initially i had to go back… little by little each line began to unfold and tell a story… of course, yr story… overall i saw the movement of life exposed… as we all are… that last line lifted me up into the clouds… after reading yr tags all the more so….

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