Its been a decade since I first took this journey by foot, climbing obstacle over obstacle towards being a nurse, an epic largely of selfhood. As I took on God’s mission for my life, I had no idea what sort of challenges I would face. I could never have imagined such strange and purposeful events, hurdles and temptations would eventually turn me closer to my spirit and its Maker. So many times, I thought, God must not want this for me only to realize that in truth, the enemy would not want this for me. Its those truths that helped me charge on even when it seemed so ridiculous to even try.


All the shields I put up to protect myself, God knocked them down.  He said, I will protect you.


All the layers I caked on my appearance, my persona, God peeled them back one at a time so I could see what I was doing.  He says, but daughter, I made you.


All the obstacles I put in my own way, God stood there and said, “Really Sarah?  …Really?”


Only after every stone had been turned, every false concept of my self had disproven, …only after I had completely broken down, I finally found the genuine courage and personal strength to trust God’s will for me.  Only after I asked for His mercy, His grace and and His wisdom could I align my will with His and take joy in being justified.  I had to trust His path and when I didn’t He still carried me.


Thank you God for carrying me through this.  All of this.


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