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[faded brights 3]

again, not so fast;

prepared, colors fade into honest thoughts of themselves-

pastels propelled, tired clouds collecting into a sky of

something …

something protected, or maybe even forever.

the weather,

drifting dark into light-

i am traveling through daylight

and fading into a forgiven thought of myself-

shades faith and days we love;

i float along lines of reflective pieces

and welcome the will of the next season.  ~




my family and i, we call it moving mountains.  these are the things we can do with faith.  not knowing just what it is we’re moving but trusting and being able to actually feel the power in the movement.  faith can be so big that God would even allow a person to see a glimpse of what they’re really doing.  i’m not there but my imagine runs wild.  with my faith i am free to dream.  ~