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[faded brights 3]

again, not so fast;

prepared, colors fade into honest thoughts of themselves-

pastels propelled, tired clouds collecting into a sky of

something …

something protected, or maybe even forever.

the weather,

drifting dark into light-

i am traveling through daylight

and fading into a forgiven thought of myself-

shades faith and days we love;

i float along lines of reflective pieces

and welcome the will of the next season.  ~




theres a sadness in the backdrop to the stars, tonight;

a wetness in the paint – something less finished than i’d like.

the stars, at least, are still stars –

oiled light for midnight, and they burn

and almost seem to blur in a hope- –

God if i could have the strength to cope and know

  that tomorrow will come, anyhow.  ~

[dry light]

respite in the Perfect;
deserted in the desert of affection;
letting in the love, kept for sudden notices;
moment’s notice, not too quick-
just take away the swears and keep it quiet.
in the tundra lost and loved;
kept quiet for my God above.~

[city lights]

me and the extremes;
comin down and so much closer than you think.
between the candle and the flame,
we put away the smoke and pick things up again.
take away the night and the sun;
heaven is here between the lines of love.~

[come strange to me]


come strange to me, these were shades of life turning in my window without me there.

i’ve come fretful of the shadows on the wall, not the hope once drawing circles in the dark,

fading in upon dreams i’d swear to embark;

i’d swear don’t swear –

these dreams are never quite whats there,

but come strange to me, and whisper in the shades, a peaceful air. ~

[to the premature love]

don’t worry.
it will all work itself out.
nothing can grow
without time to breathe,
and nothing will show
until we’ve learned how
to let each other know,
not to worry;
it will all work out.~