Every so often I am curious enough to take a personality test if I happen upon one and have nothing else going on.  Today I found a link on Facebook and was impressed by the vivid detail the synopsis gave.  If you’d like to take the quiz yourself, go to here.  Here is what they had to say about me: 

You’re a Harmonizer.

Altruistic and thoughtful, you’re generous with your time and energy and definitely like it best when everyone’s getting along. You often put others’ needs before your own and find it easy to see different perspectives on the same problem.

Reliable and trustworthy, you seek harmony and balance in your life. You forge strong, long-lasting friendships, and your friends value your honesty and frank opinions. You tend to value routine and security.With your positive mental attitude, it’s no surprise that things in your life just seem to click into place.

 As a Harmonizer, it’s important to learn to trust your intuition and to know that everything will work out for the best. Learn to say yes to new experiences from time to time. Your confidence and self-belief will continue to grow. Sometimes a challenge or a change of scene could be just what you need.You have a strong ability to connect to your inner essence and listen to your heart. Even if you have a busy schedule, make sure you have the confidence to carve out that space for yourself. It’ll definitely pay off in the long run.

You believe in happy endings. By being yourself and feeling comfortable in your skin, you will give off positive energy and attract the kind of love you deserve.As a True Romantic, you’ve got a whole lot of love to give and you like to lavish your partner with romantic gestures. You have strong instincts and a good understanding of who you are and what you want from life. You like to follow your dreams and believe in happy endings. You are expressive and enjoy coming up with new ways to show your partner how much you love him. Intense experiences appeal to your sensual side.

You know that true happiness doesn’t come from material things or possessions. It goes much deeper than that and is all about valuing those things you can’t put a price on. You like to care for those around you, and if they’re happy, you’re happy. You appreciate that both highs and lows make up the balance of life and you always try and stay spiritually strong and focused.

You’re a real morning person with the right attitude when it comes to feeling great.You believe in a balanced approach to living a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about moderation.

For you, food and eating tend to be sociable occasions, so you love something delicious but informal.

You’re creative and visually inspired and enjoy keeping on top of fashion.

Your pretty, feminine style exudes low-key elegance and charm. You don’t need to be brash or falling off a pair of stilettos to get noticed. Being at ease and feeling confident in yourself works wonders.

You’re inquisitive, open-minded and interested in history. You love to discover new things and experience new places.



[there i am]

knowing it from the inside feels so real-

a strong sturdy hand for my fears to reach and feel.

radiant warmth; a core; a sun,

something lost, something fought for; something won.~


Its been a decade since I first took this journey by foot, climbing obstacle over obstacle towards being a nurse, an epic largely of selfhood. As I took on God’s mission for my life, I had no idea what sort of challenges I would face. I could never have imagined such strange and purposeful events, hurdles and temptations would eventually turn me closer to my spirit and its Maker. So many times, I thought, God must not want this for me only to realize that in truth, the enemy would not want this for me. Its those truths that helped me charge on even when it seemed so ridiculous to even try.


All the shields I put up to protect myself, God knocked them down.  He said, I will protect you.


All the layers I caked on my appearance, my persona, God peeled them back one at a time so I could see what I was doing.  He says, but daughter, I made you.


All the obstacles I put in my own way, God stood there and said, “Really Sarah?  …Really?”


Only after every stone had been turned, every false concept of my self had disproven, …only after I had completely broken down, I finally found the genuine courage and personal strength to trust God’s will for me.  Only after I asked for His mercy, His grace and and His wisdom could I align my will with His and take joy in being justified.  I had to trust His path and when I didn’t He still carried me.


Thank you God for carrying me through this.  All of this.

[faded brights 3]

again, not so fast;

prepared, colors fade into honest thoughts of themselves-

pastels propelled, tired clouds collecting into a sky of

something …

something protected, or maybe even forever.

the weather,

drifting dark into light-

i am traveling through daylight

and fading into a forgiven thought of myself-

shades faith and days we love;

i float along lines of reflective pieces

and welcome the will of the next season.  ~



theres a sadness in the backdrop to the stars, tonight;

a wetness in the paint – something less finished than i’d like.

the stars, at least, are still stars –

oiled light for midnight, and they burn

and almost seem to blur in a hope- –

God if i could have the strength to cope and know

  that tomorrow will come, anyhow.  ~


hipstamatic snow day

i took this on the first day of snow on october third.  since then we’ve gained snow and lost snow…a few times.  the cycle of melt and freeze has melted and frozen into sheets of black ice six inches deep.

the winds pick up, biting and bitter; the lights flicker.  daylight dares a paler shade than dark near noon.  it’s too cold for anything to fall now.

some wish it will snow.  others hope it won’t.

i hope the weather won’t delay my getting out of here.  🙂